An EDF Recycling and Energy Conservation Awareness & Action Campaign

During a semester-long public relations techniques internship class, I was assigned a local business to work with during the term. My internship was with the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Foundation (EDF). As part of that internship, I was also asked to develop a public relations campaign of my own design, based on the needs of my internship. I chose to create a recycling and energy conservation awareness and action campaign as part of the EDF's mission.

The strategy behind this campaign was to position the EDF as an effective resource to the business community in helping to promote increased participation in green efficiency. The approach is to increase awareness of how to become a greener, responsible workplace and invoke ways and incentives to take action that benefit the business community. The result in pushing greener efforts would increase positive perception of the EDF and establish the organization as a leader in the field. This would additionally lead to an increase in the number of businesses that join the EDF.

The key message for the campaign is, “By working together to recycle and save energy, the Oxford business community can lower our carbon foot print and lead Oxford and the North Mississippi region to a greener, better future.”

The main title for the campaign is Oxford Green. Although it the title seems simple, it actually took some time to develop the campaign title. After coming across cliché after cliché for name concepts, I decided to be simple and personal by making it about Oxford. To help increase familiarity, I used a cursive, stylish font for the Oxford text which is the trend for most of the city’s advertising and promotions. It also made it simple but creative enough to incorporate the Earth as part of the word. Intertwined with a bold font used for “Green,” I used blue and green colors in the logo to appeal to Earth tones in the viewer’s psyches.

The slogan for the campaign is “Recycle today Oxford, live a better tomorrow.”

Though there are no defined spokespersons for the campaign, several prominent figures will be involved with speaking at certain events in the campaign including Al Gore (past U.S. Vice President), John Hailman (columnist) and Jim Morrison (Director of Strategic Planning and Campus Sustainability at the University of Mississippi). The campaign also involves the help of local artists that the community is familiar with.