Year Before
October 24 – Begin conducting and evaluating surveys to determine need for Oxford Green Campaign
October 27 – develop initial plan and contacts to start implementation of the campaign
November 1 – Establish contact with speakers, Jim Morrison, Al Gore, and John Hailman
Nobember 1 – Establish contact with Oby’s, The Oxford Conference Center, The Powerhouse, Bouré, Downtown Grille and Wal-Mart for sponsorships and event location scheduling
November 20 – Lock in speakers for events
November 30 – Lock in sponsorships for events
December 1-11 – Develop and finalize budget costs for allocations
December 14-18 – Develop and complete incentives program guidelines and applications including PDF’s/ find six artists to volunteer in painting wine bottles from Here’s to Green
December 28-31 – Work with Morrison on establishing vendors for symposium/ work with City of Oxford for vendor involvement for the event

Year Of
January 1 – Begin designing brochures, flyers and stickers
January 8 – Complete written content for brochures, bios
January 11 – Reserve hotel room for Al Gore
January 31 – Develop designs for promotions, including the Oxford Green logo.
February 15 – Complete designs for promotions
February 16 – Begin developing webpage
February 20 – Complete brochure and flyer designs, send off to printers
February 24 – Order Eucalyptus trees online
March 1 – Complete design layout for webpage
March 3 – Write Hard Press Release and Tips release
March 5 – Collect promos from the printers/ collect recycle bags from Wal-Mart/ collect media kit items from City of Oxford
March 10 – Complete and finalize media kits
March 12 – Launch webpage
March 15 – Contact all media, mail and message Chamber of Commerce businesses on all events and programs
March 16 – Distribute, brochures and posters throughout the community
March 22 – mail out media kits
March 24 – Send reminder emails to chamber members
April 1 – Pick up Wines and glass wear from Kiame’s
April 2 – ”Here’s to Green”
April 3 – Send wine bottles to artists
April 15 – Re-message Chamber members about Symposium and planting sponsorship
April 21 – Collect painted wine bottles from artists
April 22 – GREEN Symposium
April 24 – Seeds of Tomorrow sponsor deadline
April 30 – Seeds of Tomorrow planting.
May 28 – Eco-Business Guide Incentive applications due
May 30 – $1,000 Incentive raffle

April 2 – “Here’s to Green”
Program Timetable:
6 p.m. – Boure’, Downtown and Kiame’s arrive to setup for tasting; set up ticket booth
7 p.m. – Doors open to guests
7:45 – EDF Executive Vice President Christy Knapp introduces guest speaker, John Hailman
8:30 – President and CEO, Max Hipp, closing remarks
8:50-9:30 – disassemble and breakdown

April 22 – GREEN Symposium
Symposium Timetable:
1 p.m. – Meet with Al Gore and register at Hotel
2 p.m. – Vendors arrive to setup booths
3:40 – Registration begins
4 p.m. – Opening speaker, Jim Morrison
5 p.m. – Open vendors
5:30 – Green demonstrations
6 p.m. – Closing speaker, Al Gore. At the end of Al Gore, announce silent auction winners
7 p.m. – Disassemble vendors
8 p.m. – EDF staff dinner with Gore and Morrison, cost out of staff pocket

April 30 – Seeds of Tomorrow
Seeds of Tomorrow Planting Timetable:
3:20 p.m. – Arrive to setup for planting
4 p.m. – Break-ground planting trees Oby’s arrives to setup for meals
5 p.m. – Box meals provided by Oby’s
6 p.m. – Clean up after event