The need for this campaign is that although the Oxford-Lafayette region has begun efforts to increase recycling and energy conservation, costs limit adaptation and there are few incentives to aid businesses in the process. The Oxford Green campaign focuses on raising awareness and increasing action in creating a greener workplace by creating opportunity.

In order to document the problem, research had to be conducted on the EDF’s part to determine whether the campaign would be needed and effective for the community.

A survey was used titled, “Small Business Green: Effectiveness in the Workplace.” To obtain a reasonable sample, I surveyed 20 local Oxford business managers and owners in person about their recycling and energy saving habits. A point was made to visit different types of businesses in the process, focusing in on various merchant and service trades in the city. Overall results showed that less than 35 percent of the business community was maximizing their recycling capabilities. These results were also used to project the awareness typical of businesses in the North Mississippi region which would be around 50 percent.

Additionally, research was applied to determine what recycling opportunities were available in the area. Through the campaign, increasing awareness of these options would be one of the ways the EDF could promote existing industry opportunities as well as those options and incentives created through the campaign. For the campaign's main incentives program, research was used to determine simple, attainable ways for businesses to implement greener standards.

Below is a link to the survey:
“Small Business Green: Effectiveness in the Workplace”