For the campaign’s evaluation process, there would be a repeat of the same survey used in the beginning to research and define the problem. The survey will be given to the original 20 businesses as well as an additional separate 20 business that were predetermined before the campaign started. The results from the two groups will be cross examined to determine increases to awareness and action.

In addition to this, other measures would help to determine objective evaluation.

• To raise green awareness of environmental recycling and energy conservation in the Oxford-Lafayette business community by 70% by May 31.

The number of businesses that participated in the main symposium will contribute to determining increased awareness in the business community. We would also look at the number of non-local businesses and persons that participated in the event.

• To increase positive, effective implementations of green activity in the Oxford-Lafayette business community by 45% by May 31.

The number of businesses participating in the Eco-Business Guide and Incentives program would be a major determining factor of recycling action in adapting to efforts to increase green work environments.