Events & Program

For the Oxford Green campaign, there are three major events promoting environmental recycling awareness and action. Along with these events, the campaign includes an incentives program to help businesses go green.

“Here’s to Green”
The first event, “Here’s to Green” is a food and wine tasting designed to raise green awareness, and to increase funding for the Oxford Green campaign. Through this event, guests would have the opportunity learn simple ways to be environmentally friendly with state prosecutor, syndicated wine columnist and author of "Thomas Jefferson on Wine," Professor John Hailman.

Proceeds from the event would benefit the campaign’s incentives program. Wine for the event would be sponsored by Kiame’s Package Store with food sponsored from local Oxford Restaurants Downtown Grille and Boure’. Wine Bottles used that night would be recycled by local artists to be painted and auctioned at the main event, GREEN Symposium. The event would occur on a Friday at 7 p.m. at the Powerhouse and is open to the public. Tickets for the event would be sold at $25.

Program Schedule:
7 p.m. – Doors open to guests
7:45 p.m. – EDF Executive Vice President Christy Knapp introduces guest speaker, John Hailman
8:30 - Powerhouse President and CEO, Max Hipp, closing remarks

GREEN Symposium
The second event, GREEN Symposium is an event with the purpose of focusing on both awareness and action by providing businesses with the tools and concepts needed to make the workplace green. Guest speakers for the event include the UM Green Initiative’s Director of Strategic Planning, Jim Morrison and former Vice President and Nobel Laureate, Al Gore. Each speaker would talk about different issues concerning recycling and the environment.

Throughout the event there will be vendors displaying effective green methods as well as green demonstrations. There would also be an artist’s station to silent auction the “Here’s to Green” wine bottles. Another booth would be available for people who have not already had a chance to donate for the Seeds of Tomorrow sponsorship event.

The symposium would be held on April 22 (Earth Day) at 4 p.m. at the Oxford Convention Center. Tickets for the symposium are $5. Proceeds from the event would benefit the campaign’s incentives program and additional green research in the North Mississippi Region. Though geared towards businesses, this event would also be open to the general public. With sponsorship from Walmart, informational recycling bags similar to the media kit will be given out to the first 50 guests.

Symposium Schedule:
4 p.m. – Opening speaker, Jim Morrison
5 p.m. – Open vendors
5:30 – Green demonstrations
6 p.m. – Closing speaker, Al Gore

Seeds of Tomorrow
The third event, Seeds of Tomorrow is a sponsorship event with the purpose of focusing on action by giving businesses a chance to be active in going green together.

On April 30, 50 Eucalyptus trees would be planted in Lamar Park. Businesses would be encouraged to donate $20 to sponsor one tree. Donors will participate in planting the trees while being recognized with free publicity from the EDF and their business would complete part of the campaign’s incentive program. The donor deadline would end on April 24. Donation forms could be picked up at the EDF office or online on the Oxford Green webpage. The focus of this event is intensely geared towards businesses in the area.

The trees to be purchased would come from Fast Growing Trees Nursery online at A permit would be obtained from the Oxford Parks and Recreation Department for permission to plant in the park. Sponsorship for the event would come from from Oby’s as they will provide free box meals during the planting. Ten shovels and soil would be provided by the EDF and all other shovels used would be brought upon request of the participating businesses.

Because Seeds of Tomorrow is an outside event, the contingency plan for rain would be to do the planting on the following weekend.

Seeds of Tomorrow Planting Schedule:
4 p.m. – Break-ground planting trees
5 p.m. – Box meal provided by Oby’s

Eco-Business Guide
Eco-Business Guide and incentives program, the main program for the campaign, holds the purpose of focusing action toward a more eco-friendly business community.

This program allows businesses to achieve “green status” by providing eight different ways to be green. By completing six of these tasks, including “Be bright about light” and Seeds of Tomorrow, businesses earn the EDF Green Certification with certificate and 12 Oxford Green campaign stickers. The EDF would also promote the business’s success in local media and on the EDF website.

Participating businesses would until May 28 to complete the program in order to qualify for a $1000 raffle on May 31. Through these incentives, more businesses will have the drive to convert to better recycling in the workplace. An application and guide can be picked up at the EDF office, during the wine tasting, the symposium or online.

Click HERE to see the Eco-Business Guide and incentives pamphlet!